Visual Lollipops

Visual Lollipops

Despite what books like “Why Do Architects Wear Black?” and Archdaily’s post on acceptable dress codes might make one think about other members of my profession, I love color and avoid monochromic buildings, outfits and neighborhoods at every opportunity. For graphic presentations finding the right color combinations can sometimes be tough, especially for diagrams that need visual pop and quick legibility. Sites like Colour Lovers can be helpful, but I found a better shortcut.

For sketching, I rely on Copic markers when I need to add a highlight. The other day I was looking at their markers online and liked the sample colors on their website. I thought this range would be very helpful for presentations I do digitally in Revit or Illustrator. With a little conversion and clean up, I turned the webpage into a 6 page document that I can reference anytime I need.

You can download the full PDF here.

I haven’t converted each swatch into RGB or CMYK values – so you’ll have to do some legwork yourself. But hopefully you’ll find this useful, and if nothing else, just pleasing to look at.







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