River of Grass

Twice this year I’ve been able to travel down to Florida. The first trip was in April for a wedding near the Indian River. The second trip was to Naples for a family trip and my mom’s birthday. It was hot, humid and beautiful.

In Melbourne, Florida, my favorite part of the trip (other than the wedding) was a walk through Erna Nixon Park. It is a public park with a ¾ mile boardwalk trail though a natural hammock, a stand of hardwood trees. The hammock is a sort of ecological island due to its contrasting ecosystem from the surrounding land. While there a storm passed over and it was a great experience to be in the forest during a hearty rainstorm.

Lazy afternoon by the pool

A replica Miccosukee thatched roof house. Florida, Architecture, Native

A replica Miccosukee thatched roof house

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