Maison Orion

MAISON ORIONmez – ohn oh – rye – on ] – The House of Orion

MAISON ORION ℠ is a specialized architecture studio that prioritizes human experience in the built environment. Our passion and specialty is the creation of building and spaces that delight all the body’s senses. The human experience of the world is multi-sensory, and much of our time is spent in designed spaces, both indoors and outside. Bad lighting, harsh sounds, uncomfortable seating, ugly signage, and flimsy materials attack our senses and dignity at every turn. Our focus is to design places that make people feel comfortable, welcomed, cared for and loved. In this environment we are well poised to do our best work, to live life richly, foster meaningful connections and feel at peace.

Our references and inspirations come from myriad sources, but a borrowed quote from the Slow Food Manifesto expresses the motivations that underpin all the work:

A firm defense of quiet material pleasure is the only way to oppose the universal folly of Fast Life.

MAISON ORION ℠ is an adopter of The Designers Accord and a participant in The 1% program.

MAISON ORION ℠ is a TerraPass carbon balanced partner. We have purchased carbon offsets to reduce our impact on the environment by balancing emissions from automobile travel. Read all about it on the TerraPass website.

MAISON ORION ℠ is a DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Partner. Read more about energy efficient Zero Energy Homes at the Department of Energy’s website.

The practices of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Interior Design are legally regulated in many countries. If you are interested in hiring MAISON ORION ℠ for your project, we will be happy to discuss the legal regulations in the jurisdiction where your project is located.

The MAISON ORION ℠ name and logo are protected Service Marks of MAISON ORION NORTH AMERICA, L.L.C. Original designs are copyrighted by MAISON ORION NORTH AMERICA, L.L.C. under the laws of the United States of America.