Mr. Scott M B Gustafson displays passion in all endeavors, whether work or play. His work is not compartmentalized from the rest of his life. 

Aesthetics are his way of life. 

Not only can he hit the ground running with his own ideas based on his own experiences and background, he can also aid in
the creation of another’s vision. Creatively, he can make a world grow larger in scope, as well as shrinking it down to subtle nuances

Ms. Sheima Hassanlou

Scott is an unbelievably creative thinker, and uses all the tools at his disposal to engineer an end result that few others could have imagined. He is undaunted by expectations and consistently augments the already enormous knowledge base from which he draws.

Staci Giovino

Scott was a student of two of my studios and a seminar course as well when I was a visiting assitant professor at Kansas StateUniversity. We have kept in touch through the last twelve years and we share certain attitudes and values about architecture, society and life. As Louis Kahn once said, “wonder” is an important attribute of a good architect, and Scott has manitained his sense of wonder, a keen sense of observation, curiosity and critical thinking that withstood the rigors of being in the profession for a while now. He has demonstrated leadership in good measure both as a student and as a professional. His intelligence, design and technical abilities and well-grounded personality are his definite strengths. Scott’s ability to reconcile the ethereal and the pragmatic realities in the practice of architecture is quite unique. Most importantly, he is a joy to work with, open, mercurial, and resourceful. Now that he has set his eyes on developing a global design practice, I am sure he will be a great resource world-wide.

Dr. Mahesh Daas

During my tenure with the AZSessions DJ Collective, Scott was a superb Creative/Marketing Director who provided the group with excellent methods for improving our visibility with consistent branding while allowing for different styles and ideas to play a role. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Scott on different projects, directly and indirectly, and his level of communication and professionalism has never failed to impress.

Thomas Madrid

We worked with a Structural Engineer to help us design a remodel of our home. Once we got to city planning, everything became way too complicated for the engineer to navigate. Finally I arranged to hire Scott from Maison Orion to help. In short, Scott was able to compile all of the materials, consult with us, work with the coordinators at City Planning and complete the application and package for the HPOZ Committee. Thanks to Scott, we have our Certificate of Appropriateness and I’m thinking using him for continued assistance through the process with Building and Safety as well as construction. I look forward to continuing working with Scott and Maison Orion.

David Kleinman