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Scalable Vector Graphics


It may not look like much besides a rough sketch of a mountain, but it represents much more. After much testing and research, I have finally figured out how to use Scalable Vector Graphics on this website. Not only will I be able to share vector sketches, but sharing our plans, sections and details in the Journal and on Project Pages is now possible.


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Kiva Loans

As I’ve written before, Maison Orion donates 1% of our project fees to international entrepreneurs through Kiva, a microfinance organization. For our clients, friends and readers who are still uncertain about what Kiva does and why it is important, please check out the two videos below.

Most of our loans were made to recipients overseas, the recently launched Kiva City Los Angeles program will allow us to help power the local small business economy as well.

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Cementing Dreams

Kiva Loans August 2014

Margarita and Jessica

Continuing our tradition of helping entrepreneurs and dreamers in the developing world, we just made two more loans with Kiva. In the two years since we’ve joined Kiva we’ve made 22 loans in 15 countries. Our mission remains the same – to help fund construction projects to help improve the lives of ambitious people and their families.

Margarita is a mother of three and an independent business woman. Her husband is a mason and they are borrowing money to build and addition to their home in La Paz, Bolivia. Kiva’s field partner on this loan is IMPRO.

Jessica is a young, hardworking professional woman employed as a brand strategist for a technology company in Mexico. She lives with her parents and is borrowing money to pay for improvements to the family home. It’s a birthday gift to show her appreciation for the support that they provide her. Kiva’s field partner for this loan is Kubo Financiero.

MAISON ORION puts 1% of our project fees (not profits) into loans for construction entrepreneurs through Kiva. We believe in helping others make their dreams of a better life come true. When our loans are repaid we re-lend the capital to someone else to continue the cycle.

Check out our loan portfolio on the Kiva website


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