Author Scott M B Gustafson

How Do Spaces Become Places?

Written by Scott M B Gustafson

This past Tuesday I attended a live discussion hosted by KPCC, a public radio station in Los Angeles title “How Spaces Become Places.” This event was one in a series organized by the station to engage the public about issues that the region faces. The focus of this event was on urban transformation, development, community improvement and social engagement.

Places are activated locations of human habitation that have usefulness and meaning. Spaces, in this case, are un-activated, underdeveloped and dormant or decaying locations that are a drain on the value of a community.

Slow Cities


In preparation for a long weekend, enjoy these ideas from Cittaslow, the Slow Cities movement. An urban offshoot of the Slow Food movement, it aims to foster ways of living in cities that are beneficial to human health and happiness.

Seed and Soil


Six eggs become a dozen pots awaiting seed and soil.

Sometimes you get lucky in life. I do not recall subscribing to Organic Gardening Magazine, nor did anyone tell me they purchased it for me as a gift, and yet it arrives in my mailbox nonetheless. In the most recent issue (June / July 2014) I came across an interesting idea that was too good not to try and too good not to share.