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Williams Natatorium at Cranbrook Academy


“There is a notion these days that architecture is increasingly becoming lighter. But I don’t believe it one bit. It’s just an illusion of lightness. Buildings are heavy. I haven’t met a building I could lift.”

Tod Williams, Architect

In June of this year I had the opportunity while in Michigan for my brother’s wedding to see a building that has been on my bucket list for years. The Natatorium at Cranbrook Academy by Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects has impressed me since I first saw photographs of it over a decade ago.

Independence Day

For the holiday weekend that will likely have lots of parties and barbeques, I put together a mixtape of music that I think would be perfect for an outdoor party. I hope you enjoy it and maybe discover some new sounds along the way.

Have a fantastic Fourth of July.

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Written by Scott M B Gustafson

A few weeks ago I was in a Gap store and they had a large wall covered in clothing patterns as a wall paper. Beyond the obvious architectural quality of these drawings which look like isolated snippets of urban plans, I was intriqued by the parallel lines that perhaps indicate similar pieces to be cut for different sized garments. Dashed lines describe folded seams and node points tell the digital machines where to turn the fabric for the next cut. To the knowledgeable eye these drawing probably contain a language that is understood by the machines as much as the professional sewer. For me they just remain compelling diagrams.





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