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Some years ago I came up with this list of abbreviations for months. In technical drawings I hate abbreviations because they get used inconsistently and lead to confusion, but for sketches and notes they are just fine.






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Magic is all around us.

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Home Improvements


Maison Orion just made another loan on Kiva. We believe in microfinance as a powerful tool to help lift people out of difficult circumstances.

Borrower’s Biography from Kiva
Khaled is a 44-year-old married father of three and a Palestinian refugee who lives in a Palestinian refugee camp. Due to the low social and financial situations of Palestinians in Lebanon, he left school at early age and started working in the construction field specialized in wall painting to cover the needs and expenses of his family. Khaled is acquiring a loan from Kiva’s field partner Al Majmoua to renovate his house to make it a better and healthier place for his family inside the camp. Khaled hopes to keep on expanding his business to increase his income and stay capable of providing his family with better life.