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A few weeks ago I was in a Gap store and they had a large wall covered in clothing patterns as a wall paper. Beyond the obvious architectural quality of these drawings which look like isolated snippets of urban plans, I was intriqued by the parallel lines that perhaps indicate similar pieces to be cut for different sized garments. Dashed lines describe folded seams and node points tell the digital machines where to turn the fabric for the next cut. To the knowledgeable eye these drawing probably contain a language that is understood by the machines as much as the professional sewer. For me they just remain compelling diagrams.





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View of downtown Detroit taken from the Marriott hotel at the Renaissance Center.

Photo by Mark Gustafson

Posted from the field by Scott M B Gustafson


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We have been using Pinterest for a few years now. It is a great service that functions like a scrap book for images you find on the internet and also is resource for finding other similar content. Most users, like us, organize their boards around certain themes. Ours are primarily related to design, buildings, landscapes and healthy living because those are the primary focus areas of our business. I know many of my friends that are thinking of renovating their home use it to collect ideas for a new kitchen, an updated master closet or a new patio or deck. Homeowners can use Houzz in a same way, but there you can only collect images that are in the Houzz ecosystem. Pinterest is more flexible. We’ve also used it on two projects where we have a shared private board (visible only to the client and Maison Orion) for the same thing, to collect references to help guide the design decisions we make or show products or materials we want to use but don’t have samples of on hand in the office. It is much easier than how we did it in the old days when a client would bring 7 years worth of magazines with Post-It notes attached to the relevant pages.

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