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For years I have been intrigued by mosses and lichens. For reference, see my past trips to Vancouver and Portland. One day I hope to design a building with walls entirely covered in a green fuzzy coat. I’ve done research on moss grafitti and not been successful in my own tests, but the search continues. I’ve got a few books coming in the mail from Amazon that should make further experiments turn out better.

Lichens of North America by Irwin M. Brodo

A Field Guide to California Lichens by Stephen Sharnoff

Lichens by William Purvis

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I read that Le Corbusier used to make stamps to mark changes in successive sets of plans for his buildings. It makes today’s revision clouds look so boring. So about ten years ago I started cutting stamps from erasers. Sometimes I’d make logos for a project and stamp all the sketches I did on tracing paper to keep them organized. Other times I just made stamps of ideas that interested me. Le Corbusier often spoke about Le Journeé Solaire, the 24 hour cycle of the day. I made this stamp to express the balance of day and night. Sun and moon are often represented with gold and silver. My jewelry tends to be made from workaday building materials like bronze and stainless steel, but still they reflect the eternal connection of our solar journey.

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Mission San Juan Capistrano


The first mistake is to talk about old and new. Whatever has managed to survive into the present is current, useful, and contemporary. And it permits us to move back in time in order to continue forward.

Enric Miralles, Architect

Going back to my time living in Tucson, the architecture of the Spanish Missions has long interested me. While in Arizona I made several visits to well known sites such as Mission San Xavier del Bac and Mission San José de Tumacácori. I also traveled to see missions in northern areas of the Mexican state of Sonora. The Spanish were also prolific in California (both Alta and Baja) and I’ve been slowly making my way to Junípero Serra’s western settlements.