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MAISON ORION North America

After month of searching, evaluating, planning and traveling, I can now announce that all operations will move to the Detroit area in April 2017. I see tremendous opportunity in this area and the Great Lakes region in general for many years to come. That may sound surprising given the negative portrayals in the popular media. Our research uncovered a different story.

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Spring Flowers

Winter rains have been good for the garden. Actually, I’ve been experimenting with a 3D modeling plugin for vegetation called Skatter. I’m in the early stages of understanding how to control it, but so far I’m excited by the results. The roof garden and courtyard mound of coquelicot colored daisies warm my heart.

We’ll Figure it Out

Some wise words on the creative process from Dan Gilbert.

The spreadsheet in my view destroyed a lot of people’s understanding of what goes on in the world. A spreadsheet is very neat and tidy: plus one minus one, it’s clinical, it’s surgical. I’ll give you three examples. If you go to an operating room it’s a pretty messy place. You go to a construction site — your dad is in construction — it’s a disaster. If you’ve ever driven by a building it looks like they’re doing nothing, doing nothing, then all of a sudden it’s a building. You go into an art studio and it’s a messy thing but a beautiful thing comes out of it. People who think they can create out of tidiness and neatness, that’s not the creative process. It’s not how things happen. You have to not only accept failure, but also accept that it’s messy and it’s muddy and it’s vague. If you can accept that, and accept failure along the way, you have a good chance of building something.

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