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Golden Center


Golden Center – Golden, CO, USA

The Golden Center at Canyon Point is a 8,100 square foot Oral Surgery and Orthodontic clinic. The two practices share a centralized waiting room and administrative area. The Orthodontic practice is in the north wing of the building and the treatment stations are centered on large windows that overlook the prairie landscape and foothills of the Front Range. The oral surgery treatment and recovery rooms are in the south wing and are private but use clerestory windows to give a peaceful connection to the natural rhythms of sun and seasons.

The building uses a simple palette of warm materials and colors. Natural woods, stained concrete, manganese ironspot brick and cement board lend the building a strong visual identity while providing an intimate scale of detail. The primary exterior materials of brick and cement board were chosen for their durability but also for their ability to change appearance with the sunlight at various times of the day. The well-lit, open interiors give the space a calm and inviting mood not often encountered in medical facilities.






Scott M B Gustafson was the designer, specification writer and project manager for this building while at JoeArchitect in Denver, CO.
All images by Bob Soman Photography


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