Invisible Manhattan



Invisible Manhattan – Manhattan, KS, USA

The Invisible Manhattan project focused on the use of three dimensional computer modeling software to help uncover and make visible unseen forces at work in the city of Manhattan, KS. Using Italo Calvino’s book ‘Invisible Cities’ and as a point of departure, we chose to explore the space of radio.

We felt that one could experience a side of the city through its radio broadcasts while not being physically within the city limits. Alternately, because of an FM radio phenomenon called “radio shadow”, one could be within the city limits but unable to inhabit Manhattan’s space of radio.

In May of 2008 Scott M B Gustafson was interviewed on Boulder, Colorado’s KGNU Radio “Art Aloud” show regarding this project. You can listen to the interview here.

Scott M B Gustafson – Art Aloud

This project is student project from 1996 and pursued advanced conceptual visualization techniques with computer aided design. It was published in the AutoDesSys 1996-1997 form-Z Joint Study Journal.

The design was investigated in collaboration with Shawn Gehle.