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LV Skyspace – Las Vegas, NV USA

This artwork, installed at a private residence outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, is one in a series of “Skyspaces” designed by contemporary artist James Turrell. The building is essentially a truncated pyramid of in-situ concrete and finished in a deep red shotcrete topping. This work contains two viewing rooms, the cubic Skyspace Room with a square aperture in the ceiling, and the Horizon Room, with an oblique aperture in the east wall of the pyramid. The human eye’s perception of light, color, depth and space is subtly manipulated by the artist when the viewer looks at the sky through the openings in the building.

Basic parameters were given by the artist as to the dimensions of the rooms, the height and angle of the seating and the exact materiality of all exposed finishes. These specifications were translated into contract documents both for permitting and construction purposes. Scott M B Gustafson was the project architect for this Skyspace during the pre-construction phases.








Section through the viewing rooms

Generally I would say that I make these spaces to capture and hold light. So I must use form, but I’m really involved in making architectural space. For me the form must become secondary. When you come in you can see that there is a forming of form, but what becomes very positive is this thing in between the space, in the work that I do.

… I make an architecture of space and I use these forms to capture the light, to hold it, in a way, give it form, give it the space to reside. The light seems to fill the space. I think that that’s something you can feel. But it needs this architecture of form as well to capture light.

James Turrell

Scott M B Gustafson was project architect at Marmol Radziner and Associates