Nyaya Health Clinic


Community Plaza.

The Nyaya Health Telemedicine Clinic was an entry to an Architecture For Humanity competition held in 2007 to design a women’s health center in northwestern Nepal. The design features a central community plaza with the clinic on the left and the doctor’s residences on the right.


Healing Garden.

This area of Nepal has large population that prefers to rely on traditional healing methods instead of Western medicine. The male dominated society also has small regard for issues of women’s health. Gardens were added to the program to grow traditional medicinal plants. We felt this was a good way to bridge the trust gap between the community and the medical staff.


View from Doctor's Residences.

The plaza could be used for community events, festivals, and health training sessions. A popular community event is to show soccer matches projected on a large portable screen. The sale of plants from the garden and tickets to soccer matches will be an supplemental income source for the clinic.

Buildings as well as vehicles are often richly decorated in South Asia. While the design shows buildings which are stark white, it we intend that the local residents would paint the buildings and personalize them in ways more beautiful than we could ever expect.

This project was co-designed with Tim Stroh.