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x23 – Lucid:8


x23 – Lucid:8 – Tucson, AZ

In 2006, while I was a member of the design agency softfirm, I did this album cover for my friends Metrognome and Jynx who make music under the x23 moniker. I knew Metrognome and Jynx from our involvement in the Tucson, AZ based electronic music collective AZSessions, where I had been a resident DJ and the art director.

During my recent trip to the desert southwest I had the opportunity to hang out with Metrognome (real name Karl White) and discuss music, computers, art and life over drinks at the Hotel Congress. Back in Tucson after touring with Meat Beat Manifesto, he is still pushing the boundaries of live performance electronic music and music software development. Unlike many electronic musicians who simply repeat their studio work on stage, Metrognome uses each live performance as an extended jam session actively diverging from and expanding upon previous compositions. Much like the world of high fashion, where the ready to wear selection is distilled down from the exuberance of the runway presentation, an album by Metrognome and Jynx gives only a hint of the magic they create together in a live concert. I am fortunate to have heard them play together as a group and separately in their own musical projects on several occasions in clubs and bars, house parties and summer picnics and of course during numerous appearances on the now defunct but still legendary AZSessions weekly internet radio broadcasts.

I hope you enjoy this album as much as I do. Giving a visual identity to the music was both an honor and an inspiration for me.

Lucid:8 can be purchased from iTunes or downloaded for free from Asimetrix.com.


Metrognome live at AZSessions - January 2004. Photo by Scott M B Gustafson


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