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Growing Needs

I just made two additional loans on Kiva. I believe that everyone deserves a secure home for themselves and their family; a place to hang their hat (or budenovka), to feel and ease and to enjoy the company of friends and strangers.

Juliet’s story
Kasese, Uganda
Juliet is a hardworking mother of four children, and they live in Kasese, Uganda. She owns a retail shop for general merchandise that she started in 2008 using her personal savings.

Juliet dreams of building a bigger house. However she faces challenges of bad weather and stiff competition. Juliet is requesting a loan to construct a house for her family.

Field Partner: HOFOKAM

Chilla’s story
Vinogradovo, Ukraine
Chilla works as a director of a daycare center. In addition to that, she also works as a private tutor teaching Hungarian to her students. She has been employed at the daycare center for 10 years. She loves her job. She is married with two sons. She is a hard worker – she works 6 days a week with only Sunday off.

Chilla owns a private house where her entire family lives. She has been working for the past years, investing her income in the remodeling of her place. As the time went by and her sons were growing older, the family needed extra space. This time Chilla needs an additional 40,000 Grivnyas (UAH) to reconstruct the addition to the house to turn it into living space for her sons.

She will invest the funds in purchase and installation of exterior doors and three windows, insulation of walls, and putting underlayment on the floor. Chilla wants to do this project now because she found all the necessary materials for the remodeling at affordable prices and she doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to save on construction supplies.

Field Partner: Hope Ukraine

MAISON ORION puts 1% of our project fees (not profits) into loans for construction entrepreneurs through Kiva. We believe in helping others make their dreams of a better life come true. When our loans are repaid we re-lend the capital to someone else to continue the cycle.

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Jean Prouvé

Jean Prouvé was a genius. His little house tucked onto the hill, born out of creative ingenuity while solving difficult technical and financial challenges, is a gem.

Daylight Studies

The sun never knew how great it was until it hit the side of a building.

Louis I. Kahn

PhD Carlo Volf of the Aarhus School of Architecture – (Arkitektskolen Aarhus) created film about light, architecture and health showing variations in artificial light and daylight over a day and a year.

These timelapse studies reveal the subtle changes in light levels and quality in varying times of the year, in all four cardinal directions. It is useful to see them presented side by side in rooms of nearly identical configuration. The rotating “compass” of the body’s circadian rhythms is a nice feature to visualize how internal systems are timed according to external cues.

Christoph Reinhart writes in his Daylighting Handbook I “A daylit space is primarily lit with natural light and combines high occupant satisfaction with the visual and thermal environment with low overall energy use for lighting, heating and cooling.” Electric lighting can be a significant user of energy – both in terms of energy used to create the light but also air conditioning loads that must overcome the waste heat. Too much sunlight can be a heat burden as well and a visual distraction, so Daylighting as an architectural strategy balances the goals of proper illumination, thermal comfort, and psychological well-being.

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