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Phoenix Rising

Written and photographed by Scott M B Gustafson

Last month I decided to escape Los Angeles for the weekend and head out to Phoenix. I had not specific agenda and no one to see; the only goal was to disconnect, relax and get inspired. The first hundred miles or so driving east you are firmly aware that you are still in the grip of the metropolitan Los Angeles conurbation, but as soon as you see your first power generating windmill on the outskirts of Palm Springs you know you’ve hit the edge of the desert and miles upon miles of undeveloped beauty awaits.

Night Sounds


As much as we wish, the El Tiburon was not designed by MAISON ORION.

An ecletic mix by Scott M B Gustafson under the DJ moniker of Emmfour. Recorded live from vinyl nearly a decade ago live on AZSessions.com, the premier electronic music collective in the southwestern United States, this sonic journey crosses musical genres to create an moody atmosphere that collects the complex emotional experiences of urban life. For late night listening only. The perfect companion to a 3 am drive down Olympic from Santa Monica to Montebello.

Featuring MF Doom, múm, Them, cLOUDDEAD, Fugazi, Set Fire To Flames, RJD2, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Octavius, and Dälek.

Listen here:

At the base of the Black Hill


Scott M B Gustafson looking sharp circa 2006

The MAISON ORION office will be closed from September 14 until September 21 during a fall trip to the Old Pueblo of Tucson, AZ. I haven’t been in the city of nearly 3 years. I look forward to visiting some of my favorite locations such as the Hotel Congress, Mission San Xavier del Bac, Nogales, Sonora, and the Kon Tiki lounge. More than visting dusty old places, I am looking forward to dusting off old friendships and getting back in touch with some amazing people.