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Summer Solstice


The Observatory at Chichén Itza


Casa Grande National Monument


Will Bruder's masterpiece - the Burton Barr Central Library

By Scott M B Gustafson

After college I spent five years living and working in Tucson, Arizona, a beautiful city in the heart of the Sonoran Desert. Tucson proved to be an excellent base from which to explore the pre-Columbian heritage of the lower portions of North America. John C. Van Dyke’s book “The Desert” was a big influence on my understanding of the desert despite its shortcomings in journalistic integrity. (see my previous post here.) Here I pay homage to three buildings which were influential to me in my early career for their celebration of the sun and the seasons of the year. One modern, two ancient, but in total three amazing buildings which trace a continuous arc across time of architecture firmly rooted in its geography. The contemporary discourse in architecture often focuses staying current with the hyper-linked technology of our age, but a special characteristic of architecture is its stubborn longevity and its ability to remind us of the eternal values which the latest electronic gadgets are seldom wont to address.

Step outside and enjoy the longest day of the year. Think about what has happened in your life since the Winter solstice, 180° away and what you hope for in the remainder of this solar circuit. Take time to renew your lapsed resolutions and rediscover your unfulfilled dreams. Stretch your arms out to the sky and grab hold of the promise which the warm light of summer so easily encourages.

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Automne 2010

A video created from the images used in the Autumn 2010 marketing campaign. The photos, shot digitally on a Samsung Vibrant phone between Denver, CO and Los Angeles, CA during a September roadtrip, capture the scene from the viewpoint of a passenger. Inspired by the wide open spaces of the western United States, images are paired with quotes from John C. Van Dyke’s classic book “The Desert”, a book which first captivated our imagination in the beautiful landscape of southern Arizona.

We suggest watching this video in full screen mode to facilitate legibility of the text.

Colors of Space


View across the pool.

Cielo Morado – Tucson, AZ

This drawing is a bit old, evidenced by the date on the left hand margin, but having recently attended the Steven Holl lecture at SCI-Arc, it seemed appropriate. Steven Holl is an architect I admire. He obviously uses computers in his practice, but the presence of the hand of the architect is never lost in the process. His architecture humanizes the contemporary experience of the city, a goal I also aim to fulfill.