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Winter in California


I often hear people who live in other parts of the country deride Southern California’s climatic monotony by saying we don’t seasons. I reply that we do have seasons, but we just got rid of all the shitty ones. I didn’t come up with that witty retort, but still enjoy using it. Two decades of living in the Great Lakes region was enough for me! When I lived in the Sonoran Desert city of Tucson, Arizona after college, I learned about and experienced the five distinct seasons that occur there. I don’t know the number for Southern California – it’s probably less than four and more than one. What matters to me is that is beautiful all year round. The colors of winter are a bit muted but never dormant, and the pink Bougainvillea were already getting a head start on Spring.

These photos were taken in the last few weeks in Ojai, the Los Padres National Forest, Culver City and the central Los Angeles neighborhood of Larchmont.













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Under the Sea of Sky

Sometimes you just have to stop the car and admire a tree dancing in the wind.

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George Sturges House – Frank Lloyd Wright

Rooted yet flying.

Rooted yet flying.

I wasn’t aware of this house until recently when it was mentioned in several articles and websites because of it’s upcoming sale at auction. But since learning of its existence, I decided to drive up to Brentwood and take a look.

Built for George Sturges and completed in 1939, it is the only home by Frank Lloyd Wright in southern California in the Usonian Style. Architecture as an creative endeavor deals with many factors, but in every case and at the very least, there is a site that has to be contended with. What impresses me about this home is its dramatic relationship to the site. It is very clearly rooted in the earth, but the south facing cantilevered deck hangs over the hill with extreme drama. The contrast is beautiful.

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Setion drawing from http://savewright.org/

Setion drawing from http://savewright.org/

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